Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere

  • Murder is a demoralizing crime that impacts every aspect of society and should never be tolerated. All citizens have a right to safety in the community where they reside.

    Reminiscent of the 1960’s Sit-ins, Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) was created to raise awareness about the crisis of violence in the city of Oakland and create a grass roots movement to raise raise awareness and encourage residents to take action. 
    The SAVE movement was initiated by Pastor Zachary Carey of True Vine Ministries. His impassioned call for action came as a direct result of the murder of Leon Wilson, a True Vine member, who was gunned down in front of Allen Temple Baptist Church. Too many churches in Oakland have similar stories to tell.
    Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere encourages residents to break the silence, speak out, get engaged and take a non-violent stand against the rampant murders in our community.