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      E-giving is designed to enable you to contribute online and buy tickets to events electronically.  This method of giving will provide the same confidentiality that you are accustomed to plus the convenience that online services offer. 


      E-Giving offers lower fees and more options than Paypal.

    • We believe that tithing is a deeply spiritual matter of commitment and dedication. It is a symbol of our consecration and devotion to God and an expression of His ownership of all things and our stewardship over those things that he has given us dominion. 


      Tithing is the floor, the basis of Christian giving, not the ceiling. The consistent testimony of scripture declares that tithing is the basic act of a Christian steward.  Tithing is a commandment, not a substitute for other righteous acts. Being obedient to God and tithing regardless of economic condition brings blessings from God. 


      After tithing, you can also make a sacrificial offering or donate to support the Partner 360 Capital Campaign. You can also donate to the ministry through third party groups like the United Way, matching corporate funds or through wills and trusts.




    • Acts of Faith